Chatterbox Call Center provides excellent experience and anticipates providing immense success at meeting the outsourcing objectives of corporations, both private and public, and throughout a multitude of industry sectors. Our development suite is comprised of enterprise solutions, industry leading technology, talented team of managers and qualified support staff that will ensure our larger volume clients continue ahead of their industry competitors by building strong relationships with the client.

Whether your outsourcing goals/needs are focused on customer retention, increase in revenue, generating cost effective sales, reduce service cost or simply emerge into new markets, we deliver communication solutions specifically tailored for your business needs.

For years to come, we expect to consistently provide client solutions base on the following values.

Operational Efficiency
Our efficient process and management performance will help create lower average hold times, reduce abandonment rates, increases closure rates, while at the same time, maintaining a high level of quality for each client interaction.

Industry Leading Technology
Our expected ongoing notable investment in the latest technology coupled with partnering with industry leaders will help continue to provide clientele with access to  market leading technology which ensures scalable solutions that create new growth in all areas of your business model.

Quality Standards
Each year, our management team will challenge our firm’s strong corporate business acumen to further meet the demands of quality standards set by the firm board members, industry leaders and client needs.  Our in-depth focus on quality standards will help transform into personalized service results, consistent service quality and increased client retention – hopefully, at record levels.

Our comprehensive suite of contact center solutions help manage each step of your client life cycle. Proprietary Agent Solutions which we are dedicated to provide include:

  • Telesales & Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Care & Retention
  • Web Based Customer Care
  • Pay-for-performance “Live” Web Chat
  • Customer Self-Service

Enterprise Contact Center Service Features

  • Dedicated telesales platform and/or exclusive client care agents with customized training parameters
  • Service offered in 9 potential languages
  • Qualified operations team with extensive experience in commercial enterprise contact center management
  • Direct access to a team manager & client services manager who will tactfully handle every account need promptly
  • Daily performance tracking and agent productivity reports
  • Real-time monitoring of agent activity to identify defined training needs and other quality assurance goals

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