Chatterbox Call Center has incorporated and expects to deliver advanced technologies coupled with industry best proactive management methodologies to all clients. Our success will stem from the people who represent the frontline of our business and our client’s businesses. Our method is based on a “Boutique Contact Call Center” business model, which is unique to the industry. Our approach enables us to attract and retain the highest quality personnel, including all of our agents, trainers and managers.


In addition to our “Boutique Contact Call Center” unique style, we will treat every client like our partner. We understand that outsourcing your client sales and specific needs is a significant change and requires the utmost of trust.

We will strategically work together with our clients throughout each phase of developing their customized call center program that ensures we are consistently on the right track. Furthermore, we also invite our client to be involved at whatever level they feel comfortable and encourage direct interaction between the client and our team managers.


Our virtual call center is located in the Philippines which consist of a large supply of quality bilingual and career minded individuals.  Many local residents identify working in the call center industry as a viable career option, and therefore, are more committed to the employment.

To further increase the skills and performance of our call center personnel, ChatterBox expects to continually invest in infrastructure, continued education programs and opportunities for advancement which will help fuel our client goals.

Our call center places great value on a small and intimate working environment. As a result, our call center platform will provide a maximum capacity of fifty staff members, despite how large our firm grows.

A boutique style call center allows management to reinforce a small group culture while maintaining enhanced quality assurance measures.  Throughout research and cultivated experience, we acknowledge that a small boutique style call center format delivers the highest employee retention rate.

In addition, we boast to strive for excellence concerning quality, service and performance rather than operating a large “Super Call Center” composed of thousands of seats.  Chatterbox does not strive to be the biggest call center; our ultimate goal is to provide our client the best success features at all cost.

Culture:  With client approval, our contact call center platform is heavily branded in representation of our client.  Our dedicated team managers will focus heavily on creating team culture which is closely aligned with that of the client brand to reinforce that each team feels dedicated and communicates in a way that is consistent with the corporate culture and values.


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