Roger Kwok Wing Fan

Roger K.W. fan has served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Sound Worldwide Holdings, Inc. since the effective date  of inception and as President since May 20, 2008. From the effective date to November 14, 2007, Mr. Fan also served as the President of Sound Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (now Chatter Box Call Center Limited).  He has served as the President and Chairman since its inception in July 1999. Since 1997, he was the Chairman of Sian Point. Mr. Fan has over 20 years experience in the textile industry, starting with his family’s textile manufacturing company, Yin Kee Weaving Factory. Mr. Fan also serves as a Director of Yin Kee Weaving Factory, Ltd.

Mei Ling Szeto
Company Secretary, Senior Vice President , Co-Founder

Mei Ling Szeto has been serving as the Secretary of Sound Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (now Chatter Box, Inc.) since inception and since its inception in July 2009. Ms. Szeto has over 20 years of experience in the textile industry and was previously employed with Po Lung Garment Manufacturing Ltd. from 1981-1983 as secretary. From 1983-1991 she served as secretary of Telly Weaving & Dyeing Factory, Ltd. and from 1992-2000, she served as Secretary of Yin Kee Weaving Factory Ltd. and now as Director of Yin Kee Weaving Factory. Mei Ling Szeto is the spouse of Roger Kwok Wing Fan, the Company’s Chairman of the Board.

Tadaharu Wakabayashi
Director/ Business Development Asia Pacific

Mr. Wakabayashi establishes and will maintain client relationships with clients of Chatter Box Call Center.  His primary responsibility is business development throughout Asia.  Formerly Director and Co-Owner of Miyuki Hotels and Real Estate throughout Japan, Mr. Wakabayashi affiliations with numerous civic and charitable organizations and committees have been proven through his philanthropic activities and sponsorship. In September 2009, Mr. Wakabayashi was appointed as the Ambassador of Okinawa from the Chura Islands in Okinawa and is Chairman of Wakabayashi Fund, LLC.

Mr. Wakabayashi holds a Bachelors Degree in International Business, Banking and Finance from Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan.

Janette Diller-Stone
Director / Marketing & PR, Co-Founder/Advisor

Janette Diller-Stone is one of the initial co‐founders of Chatter Box Call Center Limited and is responsible for providing strategic support, research analysis and Marketing /IR on all industry sectors. She is responsible for all marketing and branding, product, industry, service and field content level as well as maintaining responsibility for the delivery / execution of marketing plans / content and ensuring that all programs interface smoothly. She is also President and Co-Founder at Wakabayashi Fund, LLC.

Janette Diller-Stone was formerly Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Giorgio Armani and Simint Inc., for Italy / USA. She is also a CEO/Director of Wakabayashi Fund, LLC.  With her background in marketing and public relations and her fluency in seven languages (English, Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and semi‐fluent in Cantonese, Arabic and Farsi), she has represented some of the following:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce at the World Fashion Trade Fair
The United States Board of Cosmetic Surgeons throughout Asia and Latin America
The United Nations as interpreter for Chinese Trade and Commerce
Director of Trade Expansion between Brazil, France and the United States on behalf of
President F. Collor De Mello (Brazil) and President Francois Mitterand (France)
Director of Public Relations – Chamber of Commerce, Westport, CT

Joseph Ede        
Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Ede brings a deep international track record to Chatter Box. He has consistently delivered measured profitability by identifying operational improvements for Fortune 500 companies, including Tyco, Simplex Grinnell, Sun Trust, Swatch, Nestle, Tetra Pak and RJ Reynolds. Previously, he was V.P. Finance Asia for Swatch Group Asia, Hongkong, Singapore. The world’s largest manufacturer and seller of branded fashion, luxury watches and jewelry. Most recently, Mr. Ede was CFO for Safemark Systems, USA & China. Prior to Safemark, he was employed with Resources Global & CRC Results, Los Angeles- Big 4 CPA consulting firms  as Senior Project Manager. Prior to Swatch Group, he was Chief Financial Officer for R.J. Reynolds International in Russia whereby, he was charged with the turnaround of R.J. Reynolds various business investments. Before R.J. Reynolds, He was General Manager and Financial Controller for Nestle Companies International, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, China and Malaysia and also worked as Finance Director for Tetra Pak in Switzerland, England, Turkey and the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Mr. Ede’s primary area of concentration for Chatter Box will be Chief Operating Officer.

Education:          Doctorate, Major: Corporate Governance Business School Lausanne, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
                                 Master of Business Administration-Management
                                 Advance Institute of Management, Nyon, Vaud, Switzerland
                                 Fluent in French, English, German, conversational Chinese and Spanish

Career:                 FREELANCE CFO / Business Consultant, Houston, Texas • 2010-present
Providing interim CFO, Turn-around, SOX consulting, Business processes and Management audit services

SAFEMARK SYSTEMS USA & CHINA, Orlando, Florida • 2007-2009
The world’s leading provider of in-room security to the hospitality industry. CFO, Board Member and Treasurer

RESOURCES GLOBAL & CRC RESULTS, Los Angeles / San Francisco, CA • 2004-2007
Big 4 – CPA consulting firms.
Senior Project Manager – SOX Implementation, Testing, Remediation and Audit

SWATCH GROUP ASIA, Hong Kong, Singapore • 1998-2004
The world’s largest manufacturer and seller of branded fashion, luxury watches and jewelry.
VP Finance Asia, General Manager Hong Kong & South Korea and Board Member China

R.J. REYNOLDS INTERNATIONAL, Baku, Azerbaijan • 1998
The World’s 2nd largest cigarette manufacturer.
Chief Financial Officer Southern Russia and Board Member

NESTLE COMPANIES INTERNATIONAL, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, China, Malaysia • 1993-1998
The world’s leading Food Manufacturer.
General Manager Central Asian Republics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan (1996-1998)
Financial Controller, Lahore, Pakistan (1996-1997)
Finance Director and Board Member, Shuangcheng, China (1994-1996)
Finance & Accounting Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1993-1994)

Michelle Perillo
Senior Vice President, Operations Manager

Mrs. Perillo manages operations and provides overall support to the Chatter Box Call Center Team.  She is responsible for program launches, competitive positioning and client presentation material coupled with business development and BPO – Business Process Outsourcing.  Michelle shares the call center management functions as co-leader.

Mrs. Perillo has a degree Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Business Management from the Philippine School of Business Administration Batch 1998.  She is actively involved in numerous organizations and committees in the Philippines.  She is fluent in English and Tagalog.

Johnny Castillo
Sr. Vice President / Accounting

Mr. Castillo’s principal responsibility will be Business Development within Asia. He oversees Accounting for Chatter Box as well as research and analysis including business evaluation and corporate finance. Mr. Castillo has a deep experience within the global banking and marketing industry throughout the Pacific Rim from his years at the Bank of the Philippine Islands and BPI Bank in the Philippines. Mr. Castillo’s principal objective is heading the accounting department, and business development for the firm.  He is also head of Accounting for Wakabayashi Fund, LLC. He is fluent in English, Tagalog and semi –fluent in Japanese.
Mr. Castillo received his B.S. in Banking and Finance from Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Shruti Khurana
Sr. Vice President/Business Development and Global Marketing/Investor Relations

Mrs. Khurana’s primary responsibility for Chatter Box is business development/ Institutional Sales throughout India and Asia. Additionally, she will help lead our marketing and Investor Relations agenda for the firm. Mrs. Shruti has deep international marketing skills that she brings to Chatter Box.
Formerly, Mrs. Shruti was the Marketing Manager for IMI Norgren Herion Pvt. Ltd., a motion and fluid control technology firm for various industry sectors. Prior to IMI Norgren, she was directly involved in the global graduate programme of IMI plc, where she undertook various marketing and project management roles and initiatives while placed in Poland, China, US and India. IMI plc is a dynamic, global company providing engineering solutions to its customers worldwide. She is also Sr. V.P. Institutional Sales for Wakabayashi Fund, LLC.

Education: Professional Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), UK
Bachelors in Business & Management Studies, University of Bradford, UK
Advanced Diploma in Business & Management Studies, Management
Development Institute of Singapore

Koji Hanazawa
Sr. Vice President Business Development Asia Pacific

Mr. Hanazawa’s principal activity for Chatter Box is head of Asia’s Business Development Operations. Mr. Hanazawa has spent over 30 years with Mitsubishi whereby, his role with Mitsubishi was expansive, entailing leading one of the world’s largest trading conglomerates expansion efforts to many overseas countries and was charged with all financial analysis and corporate finance activity.  He is also Sr. V.P. Institutional Sales for Wakabayashi Fund, LLC.  Mr. Hanazawa is fluent in English and Japanese.

He received his B.A. in Commerce from Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

Sue Callahan
Global Business Development Manager

Ms. Callahan brings an in-depth experience and acumen within the Business Process Outsourcing space to Chatter Box Call Center. Sue has had 10(+) years of Sales, Marketing, and Client Services experience with increasing scope and responsibility within the BPO sector and procured multi-million dollar contracts.

Previous experience:

Ms. Callahan acted as an Independent Consultant with responsibility for securing new business to various Fortune 500 – 1000 clients for BPO, Telecommunications, IT and E-Commerce. She has successfully procured new business with clients performing BPO, KPO, and Customer Service Support Services.

Formerly, Ms. Callahan was a Business Development Manager for Timberline Total Solutions in Omaha, NE. Timberline, a preferred provider of Inbound and Outbound Teleservices Solutions, serving Fortune 1,000 companies and vertical markets in the BPO industry. Sue’s primary responsibility was consultative outsourcing sales (teleservices) and solution development efforts for existing and perspective clients. Sue primarily served Fortune 500 clients such as Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, Adelphia Cable, USA Cable in the vertical market of Communication Cable Industry for utilization of employer’s inbound and outbound teleservices solutions.

Previous Employment:

  • Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q)
  • PayPal (eBay)
  • T.D. Ameritrade


Bachelor of Science, Communications
University of Nebraska – Omaha


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